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"The Rusty Mikes don't play the blues, they are the blues" Harvest Jazz Fest

"The Rusty Mikes really know how to warm up a crowd with vintage blues"  Ned Devines 

"The Rusty Mikes are our house band and fan favorite"  Heifer Foundation

"When the Rusty Mikes plays there are no empty seats in the house" Beatniks

"Sit back and take a journey through the blues with the Rusty Mikes"  The Cigar Bar

"A finalist in the Boston Blues Society Annual Contest!"  Johnny D's Uptown

"The Rusty Mikes are simply one of the best vintage blues band in the country" Vincent's

"The Rusty Mikes are a customer favorite and deliver the blues"  John Harvards

"If your looking for vintage blues, look no further than the Rusty Mikes"  The Blueplate

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